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MosRepel is not an insect killer and chemical repellent. It does not bring harmful effect to nature. The idea of MosRepel brings harmony between human and nature. The natural essences emits fragrance to make insects unable to locate us. 


MosRepel is an ideal solution for travelling. It can be reused for many times until the effective hours are completely consumed. Simply pack your MosRepel into the re-sealable container or zip lock package after use. 


MosRepel is made of LDPE (recycling #4), which is 100% recyclable. Just ensure that ending up in recycling bin instead of solid waste stream.

Let's protect the earth with MosRepel !


MosRepel is made with Extrusion Molding Technology. It allows fragrance kept inside bracelet and will not be washed off by water or sweat. Hence, the effectiveness can be kept and long lasted. 

Long Lasting Effect

MosRepel can be effective for 180 hours which has been tested and proven by University. 

The effective hours refers to the total used time. It will not be consumed when stored properly in the package.